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Can anyone explain this whole Gocco phenomenon to me? I have looked at the Gocco website, and read various other articles online about it and well, I just don't get it. All of those gosh-darn weddingbees are always making the CUTEST table number cards, thank you cards and even invitations with Gocco and it all looks so professional! I am pretty crafty and consider myself a DIY kind of girl, but I cannot wrap my mind around what Gocco is or how it works. I looked at some on eBay and I know it is pricey, but if you can make all that stuff with it then it becomes far less pricey! Anyone ever used this Gocco thing or know of any "Gocco For Dummies"-type information for me?


SnappyCasualGifts said...

I have never heard of this. I'll have to go check out the website. I wish you luck in finding out more about it. Sorry I'm not any help.

Katie said...

I like your blog. I live in KY and I enjoyed seeing your wedding stuff. I am getting married next June. Not engaged yet but we have picked a date. Crazy I know but my bf is doing his residency at UK so he already had to ask off for the next 2 years. Your reception spot looks soooo cute! I have never seen it.