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Rethinking the Bridesmaid Dresses

My indecisiveness has caught up with me again. This time, with the bridesmaid dresses. The more pictures that I see of brighter pink bridesmaid dresses, the more I want something different. Don't get me wrong- the pictures are beautiful and colorful, but I think I would like something more classic that I will not get tired of over the years. On that note, there is obviously no color more classic than black. So, the current dress that I am loving is this one, but with a brighter, fuschia sash:

This dress is by Dessy and the style number is 2058. If you make it with the fuschia sash on their website, it looks so pretty. It looks very classy, but with a splash of color. The sash is not attached, so the dress actually might be wearable again... but I guess everyone says that! The other reason that I love this dress is that they have an adorable flower girl dress that can also have the matching fuschia sash, which I think would look great in our pictures. This is the flower girl dress (Dessy # FL4002), just imagine it with a brighter pink, matching sash:

I reeeeeally wish I could cut and paste the right color for the sash, but I tried and tried to no avail. I think both dresses would look better with the sash tied in the back, and it would look pretty walking down the aisle. I am actually hoping to get these tried on by at least one of my bridesmaids soon, so hopefully my girls could just send in their sizes and be done with it!

On a side note, I did DIY something else this weekend. I made this framed monogram that I would like to hang on the wall behind the gift table:

Everything looks super bright and neon on my camera, but I swear the colors are not that bad. I seriously need to stop with the DIY or I am going to lose my mind! And lastly, a picture of Carter watching the San Diego Chargers game this weekend. I swear he is smiling:

Hope everyone has a great week:)


Cricket said...

oh, i love that dress. so classy and beautiful

The Pink Pineapple said...

Love the dress! The last wedding I was in was Kristina Janseen (Marshall room-mate) but I had never seen this brand before and though it was very versatile... aria dresses. I think that is the right spelling. check it out if you haven't seen them.

Gracie Beth said...

Those dresses are lovely!

A Belle and her Beau said...

I love the framed monogram! A friend of mine did black with pink sahes and it was beautiful :)

Dana said...

I like the dress. Think reusable.

alohanani said...

Love the dresses! You have wonderful taste. The mom-of-the-groom is so excited! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Um.... the dress is beautiful but please remember I have boobs...really big boobs. Please put me in a dress that won't create uniboob or spillage. LOVE YOU

Old Friends and New Shoes said...

The wedding I am in in July is a strapless black dupioni silk dress with pink present bow sash on it. I love it! When the wedding is done I am going to cut it down for a cocktail dress! It looks so classy!

Kim Gail said...

That bridesmaid dress is lovely..! Like your choice..