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Halloween Pictures!

We had a GREAT weekend. Today, we had my family birthday party (more on that later!) and last night we went to a Halloween party hosted by our friends Alicia & Brandon. Ryan and I decided to dress up as Tony the Tiger and Cap'n Crunch, and our costumes were a hit! I pretty much made everything about them by hand. I bought a plain orange sweatsuit for me, blue blazer for him, and made the rest. There were a lot of really great costumes. Here are some photos from the party:

Ryan & I at my mom's house. And yes, the Frosted Flakes box was my purse for the evening!

Me and my friend Amber, who was a scary prom queen.

Me & my friend/ bridesmaid Haley.

Me and the other Haley in my personal favorite costume of the night, Amy Winehouse. She even had the Blake tattoo and a little white makeup on her nose, too funny!

Ryan, Me, Alicia & Brandon.. who are obviously Sarah Palin and John McCain. Believe me, John McCain sure is taller in person!

Hope everyone had a GRRRRRRREAT Halloween! (get it?!)


The Mrs. said...

Too Cute! You are so crafty making those costumes yourself! I'm impressed! ;)

Kate said...

What creative costumes! I love how they turned out :)

Hannah D. said...

Happy belated birthday! And OMG your costumes are too cute!! I really appreciate that you made them yourselves, I'm totally not a fan of buy-it-in-a-bag costumes.

Polos & Pearls said...

love the costumes!

Anonymous said...

Your costumes ROCK!! I esp. love the pics of "Toni" with a Bud Light. Awesome.

Jenji said...

Love the costumes! What a cute idea:)