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Tie One On

So, I have stumbled upon yet another decision that we cannot seem to make for ourselves. This decision deals with the ties for Ryan, the groomsmen, ushers and Jake (ring bearer.) The ties that we have planned on using all along, and still will use in some way are the Lilly Pulitzer 50/50 Club Stripe Ties in pink & green, which in my opinion are the best ties ever made! Here is a picture of Ryan's tie along with Jake's tie:

The greens aren't really that different. Blame my stupid camera. Anyway, we both LOVE these ties and originally had planned to have all of the groomsmen wear them, along with Ryan & Jake. But, then I got to thinking and remembered that the groom and ring bearer are traditionally supposed to match, and this is a tradition that I really do like. Well, if we went with this option, nothing about Ryan would stand out, and that sort of bothers me. I mean, it's not like anyone will have trouble knowing who the groom is, but I would like him to look a little different. So, now we are considering different options. We could let Ryan & Jake wear these ties, and all of the groomsmen wear pink & the ushers wear green, or vice versa. We also considered some of the Lilly prints for the groomsmen, but there really aren't any that I am that crazy about for a tie. They are all wearing black Ralph Lauren tuxedos with a black vest, so really anything will go with that.

So that is where we are at right now. Basically our only options are all striped ties, or the option with Ryan & Jake in the stripes and other wedding party guys in either pink or green. I just feel like that might end up looking so boring for pictures of just the groomsmen, but then again I could be wrong! Does anyone have any opinions for me? Or any other ideas of something we could use? I don't know what I would do without all of you ladies and your great ideas!

(Oh... and Merry Christmas!)


Erica said...

Have you checked out Vineyard Vines and Brooks Bros for other tie options?

Also you could do a different boutinerre for the groom than the rest of the guys have, and use all the same ties if that's easier.

KLC said...

I like the idea of the groom being a little different. If you think too many solid ties would be boring maybe all the guys could wear the striped ones and Ryan and jake could wear solids. Let us know what you decide!!

Northern Girl Southern Living said...

I love those ties! Having stripes on the groom and ring bearer while the others wear solids would look really nice I think, but I'm sure you whatever you choose will look fabulous :)

Newport Nuptials said...

I like the idea of pink for groomsmen and green for ushers!

Lea Liz said...

Love the ties and I love those colors!!!!! thanks for stopping by!

Newport Nuptials said...

I just tagged you :)

Dana said...

Maybe the ring bearer could have a solid tie or a tie with his favorite things on it maybe car or blocks that are in wedding colors, so that he looks special so that he and your whole bridal party are special in their own way.

Silvia said...

I personally like the polka dots, it's okay if your groom is wearing something different from the GM, he will stand out quite nice from the rest.

I've nominated your blog for the Fabulous Blog Award! Love your theme colors!