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Our Invitations: Cost Breakdown

I swear this is my last post about our invites, but I had some questions about costs, fonts, etc. that I need to answer! So, here goes...

The font that I used for our names is called Albemarle Swash and it can be downloaded for free here. The font that I used for everything else is Felix Titling, and it comes standard with just about any Office software.

As far as costs, I am going to break it down store by store, which should be easier.

From Paper and More I bought:
-150 4-Bar Solid Bright White Envelopes = $23.97
-300 Sheets Bright White Linen 8.5 x 11" Cardstock = $47.97
-Shipping = $3.99
Total = $75.93

From Cards and Pockets I bought:
-120 Onyx Metallic Perfetto Pocketfolds @ 1.38 each = $165.60
-120 Fuschia Metallic Invitation Mats for Perfetto Pocketfolds @ .18 each = $21.60
-120 6.5" Square White Envelopes @ .20 each = $24.00
-Shipping = $14.31
Total = $225.51

From LittleBeaneBoutique on Etsy I bought:
-150 Square Labels (for the front of the invitation) = $47.25
-Shipping = $5.95
Total = $53.20

From Expressionary I bought:
-1 Square Address Embosser (for our return address on the back of the envelope) = $14.40
-Free Shipping
Total = $14.40

From Michael's I bought:
-40 Sheets Azalea Starsdream Metallic 12X12 Cardstock = $40.00
-Corner Punch/Embosser Combo = $14.99
- Fiskars Paper Cutter = $20.00
- 10 Tape Runner Refills = $50.00
-3 Rolls of Pink Satin Ribbon = $6.00
Total = $130.99 (not including tax)

From Staples I bought:
-6 Ink Cartridge Refills @14.99 each = $89.94
Total =$95.34 (including tax)

From Kinko's I bought:
-31 Cuts for invitation and inserts @ $2.00 each = $62.00

Shipping Costs:
-120 42-cent stamps for RSVP envelopes = $50.40
-120 $1.20 Stamps for main invitation envelope = $144.00
(they cost more to mail because of the shape and weight!)

Grand Total.......$851.77

This is based on 120 invitations. That breaks down to about $7.10 per invite. I know that this wasn't exactly an economical choice, but DIY definitely does NOT always mean less expensive. Buying all of the main supplies like paper, envelopes, etc. is not expensive, but the little things that you don't think about like tape runners (or glue), ink cartridges, cuts and shipping are where the money really adds up.

I hope that all of this info helps some of you other DIY brides out there!


My Dream Ring said...

WOWZA! That is pretty expensive but like you said DIY is not always the best choice for a bride on a budget. But to have what you really want you really have to make it yourself.

Newport Nuptials said...

That is helpful, I was trying to see if it would be cheaper to DIY or buy invites, it is looking like DIY may be more than I expected. Yours are amazing and really make me want to DIY though!

Kim said...

Thanks for posting about that font...I love it! Your invites are seriously so cute!

Allison and Ryan said...

I love this font SO much, I took 30 minutes to figure out how to download/unzip it. I'm clearly not good with a computer.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your invitations!! You should really quit your job and become a wedding planner!! Thanks for tips on downloading the fonts. Once you download it, how do you use it? Will it show up in Word? (Sorry, I'm not very technical)

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous. I wish I could do something like that - but your invites are more than my whole budget. So I've been having to hold on to the inexpensive end of things. I will probably live vicariously through my own daughter one day instead :D