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Floral Monogram Letters DIY Idea!

I was out spending some birthday gift cards today when I went into Kirklands and immediately had a DIY idea for my bride friends! Everyone has seen the floral monograms that many people will use on the outside of the church doors, or various other places around a wedding, right? Well in case you don't know what I'm talking about, here is an example from Felicity Flowers:

During my wedding planning months, I read MANY accounts of brides DIY-ing these monograms and having a lot of trouble when trying to glue flowers onto a wooden or foam letter. Well, I noticed that Kirklands now carries a monogrammed floral letter that would make this DIY task so much easier! Here's a picture I snapped with my Blackberry:

Basically, these letters kind of look like moss and they are covered with faux ivy. I would guess that they are about 18" tall. I think you could attach a cute ribbon and use them just like this, or you could always cut the ivy off and attach a new floral, or just add some florals into the ivy. Another good thing about these is that they are a steal at $19.99 but anyone who shops at Kirklands knows that they will be even cheaper very soon! Kirklands also ALWAYS has a 20% off coupon online so that would make them $16 each! Click here for a current coupon!

If anyone goes with this idea, you MUST email me some pics of your finished products - I would love to see them! Little things like this reeeeally make me miss my crazy days of wedding planning!


My Dream Ring said...

Those are great, I wanted to attempt my own DIY monograms, but if I can get these that will save me some time! I also like those damask holders next to them, cute!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My wedding is going to outside but I was wanting something for the gate entrance to the property. I may just get an "L" which will be the first letter of our last name to hang there & then use some of my faux cailla lillies to spruce it up! Thanks for the heads up on these letters!

Beth Dunn said...

Adorable! xoxo


I DO DECLARE said...

You are the DIY Queen!

Kristal said...

Oh...I'm gonna have to check my Kirklands to see if they have these!