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Moving Day!

Hey friends! I know it's shocking that I'm actually posting a blog today, and there is good reason for that! I have decided that the time has come for me to begin writing on a different blog. I have really been missing blogging lately, and I realized that I never blog on this blog for a few reasons. I created this blog to share our wedding plans with family and friends, and made hundreds of new friends in the process! Now that the wedding is long over, I just feel uncomfortable with having a blog with "bride" in the name of it. I know that many of my followers are brides-to-be, and I feel like I am letting them down when I don't blog about wedding stuff. And I think non-brides are turned off by reading my blog because they think it is ALL about wedding stuff. I also don't really love the look of this blog. It became way too cluttered for me, so I didn't enjoying looking at it, and I can't blame others if they feel the same way! I am definitely not deleting this blog, because I LOVE looking back at everything. This blog is priceless to me because I can look back at any of the posts that I made over the last 2 and a half years and I am instantly transported to that particular day or time, and I love that. So, that being said, I hope that ALL of you will join me on my new blog, which is located at: http://523griffins.blogspot.com. If you click over, you will see that I had to go with a line from a Dave Matthews Band song for the title of my blog... I mean, how could I resist??

Like I said, I hope everyone will read and enjoy the new blog, which I just did 2 quick posts on - so there is actually something to read over there! Thank you to EVERYONE who has visited this blog at one time or another. I NEVER imagined that so many people would read and interact with me. It has really been amazing!! Lots of love to everyone!


Pam said...

I keep you in my blogroll even though you don't post often because I watched you get married as I was planning my own wedding. I TOTALLY get the feeling of moving on to the next chapter after "bride". Can't wait to see all the awesome posts your going to do on your new blog! Good luck, and congrats on the move!

Preppy Little Dress said...

Good luck with your move! Have fun, don't stress --- everything will fall into place! Can't wait to see photos from your new abode!!

Summer Wind said...

Meeting you back on your new blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just checking on how’s everything is going. Anyway, hope you could post photos of your wedding day. I would really take a quick peek, if you won’t mind. My, both of you look perfect for each other. It’s truly a perfect match. Keep the love alive always! I wish you all the happiness and success of a married life! Ciao!

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