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Cocktail Napkins

In case it is not obvious at this point, we are going for a relaxed, fun happy vibe at our wedding. When I was younger, (I am now 27) I wanted a very formal Cinderella-type wedding. Luckily for all those who will be attending, I got over that. In keeping with the fun, whimsical vibe, I created these cocktail napkins that we love from For Your Party.

The bar at the clubhouse is HUGE, so we thought these would be cute around the bar, and on the outside umbrella tables. You can customize everything about these napkins from the color, text, font, etc. Plus, they are only $29 for 100 napkins! I also considered monogrammed napkins (of course) but I am afraid of monogram overkill, and I think these are a great alternative. Plus they are one of the few things that Ryan was actually excited about when I showed him! Victory!


Erica said...

Those look really fun. And I like the price tag!

ashleyrileydowell said...

you know what i think about these. i just think you should preorder them so we can have some to use this summer at deer crick.