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All Things Monogrammed

I'm not sure what it is about growing up in the South, but it gives a lot of us girls an affliction for anything and everything monogrammed. I ran across a few websites that monogram just about anything, and have picked out a few of my favorites that I either have ordered, or plan on ordering for the wedding.

1. Jack and Lulu Wall Art. I think these framed monograms would be a great addition to the cake table or on the coffee tables in the various sitting rooms of the clubhouse. Here are my favorites (the bottom one shows how they look framed):
2. Ida Claire- One of my favorites from this site is the monogrammed rectangular tin. These are another option for holding the favors (which I think are going to be koozies). Here is an example:
And, also on this website (although completely NOT wedding-related), I LOVE these:
There are a few other websites that have a lot of cute monogrammed and personalized items that I enjoy. Those websites include: Girly Twirly, Invite Cottage and Boatman Geller, which has the cutest notepads and stationary sets ever! I have a feeling that my bridal party will definitely be getting some stuff from these stores!

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