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The Macbeth Collection & Zazzle.com

Today, I ran across some cute stuff that I definitely want to incorporate into our wedding, so I thought I would share! The first is a website called Zazzle. I learned about Zazzle when I received a friend's wedding invitation in the mail today. Instead of that horrible purple heart Love stamp that the postal service is selling now, she had a really cute wedding-themed stamp. Inside, the RSVP envelope had a matching stamp that said RSVP on it! The website is written on the stamp, and that is how I knew they were from Zazzle.com. They have coordinating postage (and many other personalized items) for everything from the Engagement Party to the Thank You notes and they have so many styles and colors to choose from. You can even choose how you big you want the stamp to be! I definitely want to purchase some to brighten up our envelopes!

The next thing I found today that I love is The Macbeth Collection. Their products are so me! They have various items like party tubs, placemats, trash cans, and they come in a variety of adorable prints! I was thinking of getting some of the party tubs to hold some of the favors at our reception. This is my current favorite:
I love the colors, and I have always been a sucker for anything paisley! And as if they aren't cute enough already, they can be monogrammed! Their items would also make really great wedding party gifts!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Annie,
Mom and I love the blog and it got the obligatory eye-roll from Josh. I'm thinking of making a companion blog to comment on how things are coming along from my point of view and it will be called "I'M NOT THE MAID OF HONOR" HAHAHAHA By the way, if argyle dresses are slimming, I'm down for it. Love you guys! Missy