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Let the countdown begin!

Hey ladies (and gents?), I'm Angela and I recently became engaged on March 7, 2008. Over the last 4 weeks since my engagement, I have been so overwhelmingly inspired by other wedding blogs that I decided that I must write my own! Shortly after our engagement (and by "shortly" I mean the very next day), my fiancée, Ryan, and I chose May 23, 2009 as our wedding date. Our anniversary is May 23 and it just so happens that it falls on a Saturday next year, so we couldn't resist. Well, as convenient as that may be, it left me with 442 days to plan, stress, create, re-plan and stress some more. Well, I am now officially 28 days in, and have made more headway than I thought possible (or healthy, for that matter). I am hoping that this blog can help involve our family & friends (old and new!) from across the country in planning our big day. Stay tuned... there is so much more pink & green preppyness to come!!


Erica said...

Just found your blog, we're about in the same boat. Plus, May 23rd is the date I'm getting married on too! I'm excited to keep up with your planning.

Buford Betty said...

Fun! So glad to find your blog. I look forward to following along! :-) Best wishes to the bride-to-be!