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Happy 1 Month Engagement Anniversary to Me!!

That's right.. it has been exactly one month since we got engaged. My how the time flies when you are frantically planning a wedding that is over 13 months away! It is probably not a good idea that we have decided to wait 14 months to wed, since I have almost already planned the entire wedding in 4 weeks! Our first big decision (after the date) was the location. Honestly, we are not really "churchy" people. Don't get me wrong, I believe in God and pray all the time, but we don't really have a denomination and we don't have a church. Our families are religious, but we just are not, plain and simple. So, after deep-sixing the church idea, we knew that we wanted our ceremony outside. We checked out a couple vineyards in the area and finally decided on Spring Valley Golf Club. I know, getting married on a golf course, it doesn't get much preppier than that, right? Maybe my bridesmaids should wear some argyle dresses! Okay maybe not! Anyway, here are some photos for the location:

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