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Bathroom Baskets

I love the idea of bathroom baskets, and I love it even more because I have never been to a wedding that included them! I have considered a lot of options for the baskets, but a lot of the containers I find are too deep or too large and would be a lot harder to fill up. I found these "baskets" today and bought them because I think they will be perfect. Here's a look:
The smaller one, for the men's room, is basically a letter tray. The larger one is basically a photo box, and it has a lid. The color is a little darker and more magenta-ish in person. They are basically the exact sizes that I wanted, and I like the pattern on the outside. I have purchased one thing for the baskets that I am really excited about. They are Madame Paulette's Stain Removal Kits. They are basically the greatest stain removers in the world. Madame Paulette is some type of couture dry cleaner and she definitely knows her stuff! They include a little step-by-step guide on how to remove anything. And they look really cute all packaged up...
They are a little pricey... but not if you buy them on eBay! I got like 50 of them for 25 bucks! Stain removers are a must have, because my mom got a stain at my sister's wedding.. and had to go home and change! I really, really hope we can prevent anything like that from happening!!


Mrs.Preppy said...

What a great idea!

Kate said...

Love those baskets!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

these are so great - baskets are so difficult to find! i've been looking for ones for my oot baskets with no luck yet. :)