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How I Spent My Memorial Day Weekend...

As expected, this weekend sure was eventful. Friday was our 5 year anniversary and we went out to dinner and then just came home to hang out. On Saturday, we drove to the metropolis of Carrollton, KY for a friend's wedding. Well, we got into town a couple hours early and decided to get some lunch before heading to our hotel. On the way, I looked at the temperature gauge on my car and it was in the "hot" zone. Well, we pulled into a Rite Aid parking lot and after talking to a really friendly local guy, we decided to call a tow truck. We also called our friend John to see if he could come pick us up because we knew he was already in town. Thankfully, he did. My car got picked up by the tow truck and the garage owner informed me that it could not be looked at until Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. Ouch. Well, without a clue how we were getting home, John dropped us off at our hotel to get ready and came back to pick us up and take us to the church. The wedding and the reception were great. There was one moment when I felt really sorry for my friend, the bride, because the DJ forgot to play the entrance music for the wedding party and the newlyweds! I would have had a nervous breakdown right there. Before the rest of the story, here is a picture of us from the reception:
After the reception, we went to a questionable redneck bar and then called it a night. The next morning, we woke up clueless as to how we were getting home. Luckily, John and his wife (my MOH) Ashley decided that they would make an hour and a half drive each way to Lexington to take us home. They were only about 30 minutes away from their house, so this meant a lot to us. It also meant a lot because their 10-month-old baby and 2 year old yorkie-poo were both in the car with us! We all made the cramped drive in their new Civic back to Lexington and we were soo grateful. We took them to lunch and then they were back on the road again. As for my car, I learned on Tuesday morning that I had a busted water pump and a bad timing belt. $500 and a return trip to Carrollton later, it is now good as new again. We were exhausted from the previous night, so we skipped my boss's Memorial Day party on Sunday and just hung out at home. I actually convinced Ryan to help me DIY some of our reception vases! Here he is hard at work:
His hands are too big to clean the insides of them, but he is really good at getting the stickers off the bottom! Monday was spent relaxing some more. We grilled out at home with the dog and literally watched about 50 episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8. I was definitely not ready to go back to work on Tuesday. So, that was our weekend in a nutshell...started out stressful and chaotic and ended very slow and lazy. Thank God for our great friends, or we might still be sitting in our wood-paneled hotel room at the General Butler State Resort Park!


Vineyard Girl said...

You two are so cute together!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I got the package and LOVED it all! I made a special post about it today to show my appreciation. :)

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Hi, Yes, I'm the Mom! Thanks for your comment...loved reading your adorable blog and will look forward to all your wedding plans!

Prep-E Girl said...

You're children are going to have the biggest dimples ever!


PS - love the favor boxes, too!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Love R's tie!!