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Monogrammed Wall Art...Again

Okay, so a few posts ago, I talked about some really cute wall art that I wanted to incorporate into our wedding. Like I said before, I think they would be great on the cake table, or maybe on the bathroom sinks, or in some of the other rooms of the clubhouse. I started thinking that I might be able to save some cash by making them on my own. Well, I did, and here is the finished product:

And, here is a zoomed-in picture of the monogram:

I'm not a fan of "knock-offs" but I must admit, I am really happy with the result. I really love the font, and I like the idea of being able to pick unique backgrounds for each piece. My grand total for this piece was $12.25! The frame is 20x14" I think, and this exact frame comes in many sizes, so it gives me options. Be honest.. what do you think of my homemade monogrammed art?

EDIT: I've had some questions about how I made them, so I will gladly share! Everything came from Michael's. The frame was originally $14.99 or maybe $19.99... but they have a coupon in the paper every Sunday, so I got it for $10. The opening in the center is 8x10, so I got an 8x10 white mat for $1.99. The center is just a piece of scrapbook paper in 8x10 size. Basically, I just used Microsoft Word (in landscape page layout) and centered our initials in the center. I kept messing with the font and size until I found what I liked. The font is Harrington. I made it bold so the letters would be darker. And, a tip, it doesn't matter if it is in the dead center of the page, because you are going to center it when you frame it. So, I just printed it and framed it and that's it! The whole project literally took about 20 minutes. Thanks to everyone for their feedback on my project!


Preppy(STB)Peshke said...

It looks great. I love it!! Can you blog about how you made it? I'd love to know.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE it!!! I am so going to copy you, where did you find the cheap frame? It really is too cute!!!

MMM said...

You did a great job! I love it!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

I think it turned out great. Now you can spend the money you saved on something else you really want for the wedding.

ashleyrileydowell said...

i guess i better start commenting so i don't get banned from the wedding. anyway, such a cool idea. i would definitely never think of it...especially about putting it between the sinks in the bathroom! way to go faith!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I think it's a great idea!! Would be cute at a bridal shower too or a baby shower if you knew the new baby's initials!