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I am very excited that I have received my first tag from Erica at Nautical Wedding & Nursing School and I have to tell 5 details about my fiance, Ryan. Alrighty, here goes...

1. He lived in San Diego since he was a very little kid and our relationship was long distance for over TWO YEARS!!! He moved here about 3 years ago to be closer to me. Anyone who has ever been to San Diego will tell you that that is a HUGE sacrifice, since it is basically the most perfect place in the world!

2. In the last 48 hours, he has watched both 27 Dresses and the Sex and the City movie with me. He turned to me during SATC last night and said "this is the second night in a row where I have watched a movie where a woman emerged from a room wearing various dresses." Don't tell any of his friends, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed both movies.

3. He does ALL of our grocery shopping. I can't stand going to the grocery store in the first place, but I really cant stand going with him. He is a "browser" and I am the type of person who makes a list, gets what is on the list and leaves. After being annoyed with each other every time we got groceries, we decided that he would do all of the grocery shopping. It has been that way for about 2 years, and we are both much happier this way!

4. He tells me one thing that he loves about me everyday, and each day it is different. It's pretty much the best part of my day.

5. He will kill me for saying this... but he is SUCH a snuggler. I, however, am not. I wake up all night because he is all snuggled up next to me to the point that I cannot move or turn over. I always see the dog laying in that big open space on the other side of the bed with a little bit of jealousy.
I tag Kentucky Katie to tell us 5 things about her boyfriend!


Kate said...

I love the last one ;) and the 3rd one made me laugh!

Kentucky Katie said...

Just answered your tag. Fun!

Dana said...

Thanks for info about the monogram

Mackensie said...

We must be separated at birth! You guys have to have a Dave song somewhere in your wedding! It was a great concert...I always feel so good at the end of them...have you seen him do the cover of "Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself?" AMAZING

Michelle said...

Is your husband a chick?