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Ring Bearer Pillow

I've been Etsying again. I recently read a post on In This Instance about ring bearer pillows from an Etsy seller. I loved the simplicity of them, and the classic design. The Etsy seller is Reggieana and she just happened to have one of her pillows with a pink ribbon, so I immediately had to purchase it! Here it is:
It measures about 7x7" so it is the perfect size. I love how simple it is! She has so many great colors and styles in her store, and they are only $10-$14!! This thing is very high quality and "feels" expensive, which is nice since it wasn't actually expensive! I can't write about my ring bearer pillow without speaking about the man himself. He is my 6 year-old nephew, Jake. He is definitely the smartest, funniest and most athletic 6 year-old I've ever met. And of course the cutest! Here we are last Summer:
He's not exactly thrilled about all of the pink, but he's pretty excited to hang out at a golf course all day! We are having a special dance together at the reception, and we practice every time I see him. I think he will look perfect in his pink & green Lilly tie carrying his pink pillow!


Prep-E Girl said...

You have me addicted to Etsy now! :)


Dana said...

The place in the pictures was beautiful

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Honey! Bless your heart on that nickname! Looks like all of your wedding plans are coming along really well! You're going to have everything done far in advance--which will be great, as that'll be more time to write thank you's and enjoy yourself!

Tara said...

Yay! I love those ring pillows- so simple and pretty. And he will make such a cute little ringbearer!