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I just got back yesterday from my third (of four) Dave Matthews Band shows this Summer and I am so sad that they are just flying by! We had soooo much fun at Deer Creek and the show in Louisville was a ton of fun too. On the second night of Deer Creek, my best friend Ashley and I decided we were going to the front row for the encore. You would not believe how EASY it was to get down there! We had good pavilion seats, but nothing compares to front row! It took about 90 seconds, one drunk guy's lower level ticket and dodging just 2 security guards before we made it to the front row. It was soooo worth it! If you want to see a little of the madness that we witnessed, here is great YouTube video of Dave exhibiting his dancing skills! We didn't take any good pictures this year, but here is one of us from Deer Creek last year:

Here are a couple more pictures from the weekend (neither of which I am in, since I always end up being the one behind the camera!)-

The four of us have been going to Deer Creek together for 4 years, and I don't see the tradition stopping any time soon! We got to put my pink cooler into use for the first time and, as I suspected, it is the greatest cooler ever. Everything tastes better when it comes out of a pink cooler! Our last show this Summer is on Tuesday in Cincinnati. I am sad that there will be no more Dave after that, but maybe after Tuesday I will re-focus and realize that I do, in fact, have a wedding to plan:)