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I'm a Cake-aholic

Let me clarify. I'm not a cake-aholic in the sense that I like to eat cake. I actually am not a big fan of cake. What I do mean is that lately I have been obsessed with drawing cakes. Ryan and I knew all along that we wanted one of those fun, colorful, modern cakes. We definitely do not want one of those topsy-turvy looking cakes, but we like the whimsical look. Well, I have a few pictures of cake ideas, but none were exactly what we wanted. So, I decided to start drawing. I think I have drawn about 12 different cakes at this point. I have drawn them with markers... colored pencils... crayons... just trying to get the exact idea that I have in my mind. I gave our cake designers my very rough first copy and they were very happy. They said it is much easier if you know exactly what the client wants. Well, after a lot of trial & error, I think I finally got my idea out of my head and onto the paper. Here it is:

We are using fondant (obviously) so all of those yellow dots will be small balls of fondant. Kind of like little pearls. I want the top to look like the green was poured over the top of the pink (think "Makers Mark!") The striped layer will coordinate with the guys' striped Lilly ties. And I want a monogram topper... because, well, the more monograms, the better! I was feeling confident after I did this one, so I decided to draw the groom's cake as well. It is going to be absolutely delicious. it is called "Peanut Butter Explosion" and is a mixture of brownies, cake, chocolate syrup and Reese Cups. YUM! Here's my idea:

Being that Ryan is a HUGE San Diego sports fan, he wanted his cake to include both the Padres and the Chargers. When I showed him this drawing, he said it was exactly what he had imagined! I think it is a nice contrast to the main cake, but has the same fondant balls so it will match a little. And, I think it is pretty manly... for a cake! What do you think?


Polos & Pearls said...

cute cute cute cute!!

Prep-E Girl said...

I don't like to eat cake either! But, I do love to bake them!

Your drawings are cute!


Kentucky Katie said...

Love it!!!!!!! Who is doing your cake. That is a good idea to draw it.

Mackensie said...

Those are some great cakes!

Beaufort Belle said...

Great job on the cake drawings. I love your "bridal" cake. Full of personality!!

Dana said...

The cake that I might get is simliar to the one that you drew. I do not like fondant and the baker is willing to do it all in buttercream and sugar.

Alicia, Brandon and Reagan said...

Actually, I think a Diamondbacks cake would look better... :)