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Registry Questions

I have been getting really excited about registering lately, but I have run into some issues that I need some advice with! My first question, to anyone who has registered in the past, is currently in the process or plans to register is: how far in advance should we register? Our wedding date is May 23 next year. I am not sure when my first shower will be, since we are still 9+ months out! I am really clueless about when I should do this, and a lot of my friends' experiences with registering are so different that I'm not sure what my best option would be. My next question is: how many places should we register? I guess this question would require some additional info, and that info would be that we expect around 175-200 guests; and I will probably have 3-4 showers as well as the bachelorette party, which doesn't really count but I'm trying to be specific! I am having the most trouble with this question because I want a few things from a bunch of different places. For example, I really want this bedding from Pottery Barn:

There are a handful of other things that I would like from there, but honestly, the total would be less than 10 or 15 things. Don't get me wrong, I love Pottery Barn, but registry-wise, I'm not big on their kitchen stuff, or dinnerware, etc. I would also like to register at Macy's. Macy's is a good choice for me because they carry very good brands and they have a lot of color options. I love color in my home, so I like to have options. I have also heard good things about the gift cards you get after your wedding that are great for picking up the little stuff you didn't get as gifts. I definitely want to register at one of the many local gift shops for stuff like Cat Studio Pillows & Glasses:

As well as engraved glassware like this:

As well as all of the great dish towels, serving pieces, Tervis Tumblers, etc that you can only get at a specialty store.

The last dilemma is deciding where to register for all of those little things like hampers, hangers, etc. I think I would probably choose Target over Bed Bath & Beyond, but trying to return something to Target is like trying to break into Fort Knox, so if we get multiples of certain items then we are in trouble! I also don't know if we should register somewhere like Lowe's or Home Depot for tools and stuff? Ryan looooves tools, and has a lot of them, but I'm sure there are more he would like... and some of this stuff is supposed to be about him, right? (right??) So, I am coming to all of you for help! I need advice about when to register, how many places to register, and is it ok to just register for a few things at certain places? Feel free to tell me if you really had trouble with any stores, it might make my decision easier! Thanks in advance, your feedback is priceless to me!


Dana said...

I just looked at my Knot wedding list and saw that I am suppose to start registering. I thought that it was way to early since I do not get married until April.

Erica said...

I've had the same questions.
1) Pottery Barn changes stock like monthly, I can guarantee that bedding you love will be long gone by May.
2) Target's return policy is getting better. Supposedly now a copy of your registry can serve as a receipt for a gift, but the 90 rule still applies (how they track the days, I dunno).
3) I've heard don't register further than 9 mo out. You could probably wait a while no problem. If you think people will give you Christmas gifts off your registry, I would register before then, but because of all the Holiday-only stock, it may be best to wait til Jan or Feb for serious registry madness!
4) Consider Home Depot or Sears so your DF can get a new drill and ladder, etc for all your honey-do projects!
5) I am so excited to register too! DF can hardly contain me when we go to a place with registries!

Buford Betty said...

I agree with Erica - be careful about registering for seasonal items - especially at places like PB and Crate & Barrel. I think 6 months in advance is a good point. I mean your showers will be in that 3 month window right before the wedding, so there's no real point to registering way way before then. And you WILL change your mind on stuff - so don't register so early that you're changing your registry 15 times before the wedding! :-)

Duchess said...

I had no trouble returning gifts to Bed Bath & Beyond. They were also really helpful when we registered. By the way Congrats and enjoy every minute.

The Pink Pineapple said...

Ok well I think you could get most of the pictured things at a great boutique in Ashland, called The Pink Pineapple... anyway Tervis Tumblers are a must in every shape, style, and size! Catstudio is great, and a personal favorite is the monogrammed glasses!
Also, we are having a huge 75% off sale this weekend if you are in! I also want to talk to you about the stuff that does not sell in the sale? Is that worded right? Anyway, call me when you get a chance.
Also, do you know anyone that would want to start up or run a website for me???