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I don't really have a better title for this post because it is really just a bunch of randomness. This week has been crazy. We are remodeling our office at work, so I am exhausted when I get home but then I can't sleep at night due to an incredibly bizarre thing that happened in my neighborhood. Don't get me wrong, I live in a great neighborhood that is basically the perfect quiet, safe little area to have a family, which makes anything out of the ordinary into a huge deal. But anyway..... I was thinking that I never shared what we decided to wear for our beach engagement session. I ended up going with the blue/ yellow theme, but not any of the specific outfits from my previous posts. Here's what we decided to go with:

I fell in love with this dress because to me, it looks very feminine and young. I thought I would enjoy looking back and seeing my feminine and young self when I am old and have hair growing out of my chin and ears. Ew. And Ryan's shirt is a blue oxford, and is a little lighter than it looks in this picture. He will be wearing some khaki shorts. I think we will have a nice, simple, beachy look... and I appreciate everyone's advice on helping me pick this outfit!

We finally saw The Dark Knight last Saturday and I have to agree with everyone that Heath Ledger was amazing. His performance is so good that I think you could go through the whole movie not knowing it was him... if you didn't already know it was him... does that make sense? But one thing I didn't understand was: when did Gotham become Chicago? Yes, I know it is just a movie and Gotham City is supposed to be fictional, but Gotham has always been NYC, and it isn't just because of Batman movies. Whatever... I like Chicago better anyway.

I just got an email from Us Weekly that Gwen Stefani had her baby...and named it Zuma Nesta Rock. Seriously?

Enough ranting. Last but not least, here's a picture of what Carter is doing right beside me, because he gets really excited about blogging:

Hope everyone has a great weekend:)


Kate said...

I love that dress! What a great choice :)

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

love the dress and i definitely think carter and cheese the chihuahua would be fast napping friends.

Hannah D. said...

Ok lots of commenting to do...

1) I AM a Tri-Delt... Delta Love!

2) I love that our getting ready routines are so the same... thanks for making me feel more normal.

3) Your photos are going to look fabulous... believe it or not, I worked for a few summers at a shop who did portraits on the beach and let me tell you, my favorites were always the ones where not everyone was wearing the same color. I know it's classic, but it's "been there done that." Yours will be FABULOUS, I just know it.

4) I am officially obsessed with your blog! I just read every post. No joke. I can not wait to hear more about your wedding, everything so far sounds just perfect!

Prep-E Girl said...

That dress is fabulous. Where did you find it?


Miss Lili NC said...

Love the blue and yellow! It's a refreshing change from the white shirt/khakis beach pics everyone else does. Someone actually sent me a link to their engagement photo proofs this week. Guess what they were wearing? haha