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Exactly 6 Months From Today...

WE'LL BE MARRIED!!!! OMG!! I can't believe that we have been engaged for 8 months now, and that the 6 month mark has finally arrived. Since the beginning of my planning, the 6 month mark has been looming over me, because all the wedding websites, magazines, etc. recommend that most of the big stuff be taken care of by that date. We have had everything booked for months now, and I have been working on a lot of little stuff so I feel like I am somewhat ahead of the game!

One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is what to use for my "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue." I know a lot of stuff is new... like my dress, veil, shoes, etc. and my Mom & I joke around that she is my "Something Old" even though she's really not that old to begin with. So... as always... I am coming to all of you for inspiration! What did you, or do you plan to use for this aspect, if you are participating in the tradition?


Gracie Beth said...

Even though I currently do not know who I am going to marry, I am pretty sure that my something old will be my mother's veil that my grandmother made for her. My something blue will hopefully be my engagement ring because even though I have absolutely NO idea who I am marrying I would really like a sapphire engagement ring.

Newport Nuptials said...

Not too sure yet, but here are some ideas I am thinking of:
Something old: My promise ring (One of the first pieces of jewelry my fiance gave to me)
Something New: Dress or piece of jewelry
Something Borrowed:I have heard it is tradition to borrow something from a happily married woman, I really look up to my fiance's parents marriage (my parents are divorced) so I am thinking of asking his mom if I can borrow a piece of jewlery.
Something Blue: Our wedding scheme is white and blue, so my flowers will be blue and I may add blue rhinestones to the bottoms of the shoes

Leslie D-V said...

Yay for the sixth month mark we are 10 months away and I am super excited, my something old is my grandmas blusher and my blue and borrowed is the hair pin that I am going to have holding the hair back :)

Sarah said...

I gave you something on my blog!!

And when I got married I did the following:
New - my dress : )
Old - my grandmother and aunt gave me one of my great-grandmothers handkerchiefs and I carried it with my bouquet
Borrowed - I borrowed my maid of honors pearl bracelet since I was wearing my pearl necklace and earings
Blue - I wore blue under my dress ;) if you know what I mean!