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Tagged.... and this is a good one!

So, I was tagged by Kentucky Katie to go to my 6th picture folder, then find the 6th picture and tell the story of it. Much like Katie's photo, mine also took place in Nashville. Here it is:

Yes, there he is in all his glory, my lovely husband-to-be... funneling a beer. We were in Nashville to watch UK in the Music City Bowl last New Year's Eve. This was during our 8 or 9 hour tailgate in the parking lot of the stadium. As you can see, we love tailgating! I am more of a beer pong/ flip cup/ jello shot/ cornhole person myself, but Ryan LOVES his funnel. Holding the funnel is our friend (and groomsman) Brent. I mean... that's what friends are for, right?

I think this is a really fun tag, so I am going to pass it along to Hannah D & Queen B and The Mrs. I'm excited to see what you ladies come up with!


Kentucky Katie said...

Funny! I was at that game to.

Hannah D. said...

My picture turned out to be so embarassing, yet so typical at the same time. Pregame for a DDD oyster roast... enough said.

Thanks for the tag!