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never have i ever...

we've all played this game, right? and we know its a whole lot LESS about what you haven't done and a whole lot MORE about calling out your friends? well anyway, i was having a conversation with a friend last weekend about random foods that i refuse to eat and it turned into a pretty funny chat about seemingly normal things that i have never done, eaten, etc during my 29 years on this earth. i decided that i needed to share some of these things, so here goes!

1. i have never eaten: a hot dog, a snickers bar, fried chicken, mustard, chicken wings, pepperoni, or anything from mcdonalds except french fries (just to name a few)
2. i have never had my eyebrows waxed (it freaks me out - and no, i don't have a unibrow, thankyouverymuch)
3. i have never driven a car with a stick shift
4. i have never seen the movie "old school" (which is cause for divorce, according to my husband)
5. i have never been admitted to a hospital, broken anything, etc.
6. i have never had the chicken pox
7. i have never had a car payment or paid for my own car insurance
8. i have never had a credit card
9. i have never failed a test, quiz, etc
10. i have never been in any kind of wreck
11. i have never had a cavity

ok so now that you're all thinking that i am the most boring person EVER, here are some not-so-normal things that i actually HAVE done!

1. i have been to the top of, and inside a volcano
2. i have watched humpback whales breach in the ocean from a boat that was about 20 feet away from them
3. i have owned my own business
4. i have met my favorite musician EVER, dave matthews!
5. i have been to NBA, MLB and NFL games... and even got to be a VIP at a Chicago bears game once where we got a police escort to the game and then got to go on the field during the pre-game!
6. i have watched someone give birth
7. and i have also watched someone die
8. i have been to 31 US states (and i'm not too interested in some of the ones i have left haha)

i could really go on and on about the funny things that i have never done, and especially the things i have never eaten! now blog friends, PLEASE tell me that i'm not the only one who has never done a lot of random, normal things?!


Jenny.Lee said...

This was such a fun post! I can't believe your lists!

Stephanie said...

So fun :) Have totally missed you!

What on your list I haven't done too...haven't had mustard, wings (do boneless count because yes I adore BW3's boneless!), I've been to a hospital, but never broken anything. I too have never had a car payment or paid for my own car insurance, my hubby probably wishes I had never had a credit card ;) and I've never had a cavity either.

However, your HAVE done list is much much much more impressive than mine ;)

Nicole-Lynn said...

The foods you haven't tried are so odd to me as they are so american and things I wouldn't think someone wouldn't have tried at least once in their lifetime :)

I've never tried or eaten shrimp (and most other seafood for that matter). This year one of my goals is to expand my palette and try new foods!

Nicole-Lynn said...

p.s I haven't been admitted to the hospital yet either :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Thank you for the tip for our engagement session! I will definitely not wear a lot of lotion :)

I Do Declare said...

I've never had a cavity, either! BUT, how can you have attended UK games w/out eating a hot dog???

Iva said...

yay for #11!!! SUPER!!!

Jen said...

loved this post...so funny to see the quirky things about people's lives.

so glad you shared!

Mandy said...

I cannot believe the things you haven't eaten!!! WOW!

I have been in a volcano as well. Crazy!

Can you believe I have NEVER watched anyone give birth??? I mean, it's me! LOL.

AbbyS. said...

OMG ANGIE!! How did I not know about this blog until today???
I have become quite the blog stalker and yours is adorable!!
I myself just started one in February. Also, your list does not make you boring. I have never tried potato salad, coleslaw, sweet potatoes, tuna, egg salad...well any type of salad like mixture. I could go on.

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe some of these things!

PinkLouLou said...

Cute post idea! Don't get a credit card, I promise! haha