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Pose Prints Save the Date Cards!

I'm sure I am the last to know, but I recently found Pose Prints and I am really loving their Save the Date cards. For those of you who haven't seen them, basically you create a little cartoon version of yourself for your Save the Dates. It is sooo much fun to create your person. I kept changing our outfits, hair, etc. I know that the Save the Date cards traditionally match your invitations but... um... I don't care! I want something cute and different that would be more fun to look at on my fridge everyday! Here is an example of their Save the Date cards (no, these are NOT our cartoons, I wasn't able to save the picture):

Aren't those so much fun?! I love them! Yay!


Miss Preppy in Pink said...

That is the company I used to do my save-the-dates, and they went over so well! People absolutely loved them. The quality was great, and I definitely recommend the company.

Erin said...

we're going to use these for our Engagement party invitations! It's a lake party though and the navy bikini top I keep trying to put on my cartoon won't stay on!!

Buford Betty said...

Oh those are great - very cute!